Since the foundation in 1965 ALTECO Inc. has been engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of industrial adhesives. As the result of devoting ourselves into the improvements and innovations, we have obtained the trust from valuable customers worldwide as a specialist of adhesives.
Our corporate philosophy is “Dream, Create, and win the happier future by our own hands.” Both creativity to go beyond the status quo and the knowledge, technology and service to make unique ideas realized are indispensable for a manufacturer like us. We trust only a company which holds these two elements can gain credibility and satisfactory of customers.
The innovation of manufacturing technologies has been incessantly and rapidly going on and the demands for the performance of adhesives have been higher. Alteco has been continuously making our efforts to meet these demands, furthermore, exploring uncharted fields with a spirit of a pioneer and flexibility.

Alteco Inc. offers a variety of adhesive products designed for both consumer and industrial use. Here are some key products in their range:

1. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives (Super Glues)
  • ALTECO Super Glue: Known for its fast bonding and strong adhesion, suitable for general-purpose repairs.
  • ALTECO Epoxy Glue: Offers strong and durable bonds, ideal for more demanding applications.
2. Epoxy Adhesives
  • ALTECO Quick Epoxy: A two-part adhesive that sets quickly and provides a strong, durable bond.
  • ALTECO Steel Epoxy: Specifically designed for bonding and repairing metal surfaces.
3. Specialty Adhesives
  • ALTECO Plastic Adhesive: Formulated to bond various types of plastics effectively.
  • ALTECO Rubber Adhesive: Suitable for bonding rubber materials, providing flexibility and strength.
4. Industrial Adhesives
  • ALTECO Industrial Grade Cyanoacrylate: High-performance adhesive for industrial applications, offering quick setting and high strength.
  • ALTECO Structural Adhesives: Designed for heavy-duty applications requiring robust bonding and durability.
5. UV Cure Adhesives
  • ALTECO UV Adhesive: Cures quickly under UV light, suitable for applications requiring precise control and rapid curing.
6. Specialty Glues
  • ALTECO Wood Glue: Formulated for bonding wood, providing strong and durable joints.
  • ALTECO Ceramic Adhesive: Ideal for repairing and bonding ceramic items.
7. Sealants and Fillers
  • ALTECO Sealant: Used for sealing gaps and joints, providing a waterproof and flexible seal.
  • ALTECO Gap Filler: Suitable for filling cracks and gaps, offering a smooth finish that can be sanded and painted.
8. Adhesive Kits
  • ALTECO Repair Kits: Kits that include a variety of adhesives and accessories for specific repair tasks, such as automotive or household repairs.
9. Instant Adhesives
  • ALTECO Instant Bond: Provides an instant bond for quick repairs and assembly tasks, suitable for various materials.
10. Adhesive Accessories
  • ALTECO Accelerator: Used to speed up the curing process of cyanoacrylate adhesives.
  • ALTECO Primer: Prepares surfaces for better adhesion, especially for difficult-to-bond materials.
11. Customized Solutions
  • Custom Formulations: Alteco offers custom adhesive solutions tailored to specific industrial requirements and applications.

Alteco’s diverse product range caters to a wide array of bonding and repair needs, making them a versatile choice for both consumers and professionals. Their focus on quality and innovation ensures reliable performance across various applications.


1. Alteco para Plásticos (for Plastics) Alteco Plastic Adhesive: Specifically formulated to bond different types of plastics effectively, providing strong and durable bonds. 2. Alteco para Metales (for Metals) Alteco Steel Epoxy: Designed for bonding and repairing metal surfaces, offering high strength and durability. Alteco Metal Glue: Provides a reliable bond for various metal applications, suitable for both repairs and construction. 3. Alteco para Madera (for Wood) Alteco Wood Glue: Ideal for woodworking projects and repairs, ensuring strong joints and a lasting bond. 4. Alteco para Cerámica (for Ceramics) Alteco Ceramic Adhesive: Perfect for bonding and repairing ceramic items, providing a strong and reliable bond. 5. Alteco para Goma (for Rubber) Alteco Rubber Adhesive: Formulated to bond rubber materials effectively, maintaining flexibility and strength. 6. Alteco para Vidrio (for Glass) Alteco Glass Adhesive: Suitable for bonding glass surfaces, providing a clear and durable bond. 7. Alteco para Automóviles (for Automobiles) Alteco Automotive Adhesives: A range of adhesives designed for automotive repairs, including bonding parts, sealing, and filling gaps. Alteco Quick Epoxy: Useful for quick and strong repairs in automotive applications. 8. Alteco para Electrónica (for Electronics) Alteco Electronic Adhesives: Designed for use in electronic assemblies and repairs, providing reliable bonds and insulation. 9. Alteco para Construcción (for Construction) Alteco Structural Adhesives: Heavy-duty adhesives suitable for construction applications, offering robust and durable bonds. 10. Alteco para Uso General (for General Use) Alteco Super Glue: Versatile adhesive for general-purpose repairs and bonding tasks. Alteco Instant Bond: Provides quick and strong bonds for various materials, suitable for everyday use. 11. Alteco para Reparaciones (for Repairs) Alteco Repair Kits: Comprehensive kits that include adhesives and accessories for specific repair tasks, such as household or automotive repairs. These products are designed to meet the specific needs of various materials and applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. If you have a particular application in mind, please let me know, and I can provide more detailed information. Industrial products are crucial components of economies worldwide, serving as essential materials, equipment, and machinery for various manufacturing processes and infrastructure development. Their importance lies in several key aspects: Manufacturing and Production: Industrial products form the backbone of manufacturing industries, providing tools, machinery, and raw materials necessary for production processes. They enable the creation of goods across sectors ranging from automotive and electronics to construction and agriculture.v Alteco Alteco Alteco Alteco Alteco Alteco Alteco Alteco Alteco Alteco Infrastructure Development: Industrial products such as steel, cement, and heavy machinery are essential for building infrastructure like roads, bridges, buildings, and utilities. They support economic growth by enhancing connectivity and facilitating urbanization. Technology Advancement: Advanced industrial products include high-tech equipment like robotics, automation systems, and specialized machinery that drive innovation and efficiency in manufacturing and industrial processes. Employment and Economic Growth: The industrial sector typically generates significant employment opportunities, both directly in manufacturing and indirectly in related services and supply chains. It contributes to GDP growth through increased productivity and exports. Global Trade and Supply Chains: Many industrial products are traded globally, supporting international trade and supply chains. They contribute to economic interconnectedness and specialization among countries. Environmental and Safety Standards: Industrial products also play a critical role in meeting environmental standards and safety regulations, particularly in sectors like energy, chemicals, and manufacturing, where adherence to standards is crucial for sustainable development. In essence, industrial products are fundamental to the functioning and growth of economies worldwide, underpinning various sectors and enabling technological advancements and infrastructure development.

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