Dial Bore Gauge

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Dial Bore Gauge Range 18-35
Grade -0.01m

A dial bore gauge is a comparative instrument similar to a telescoping gauge, but includes a digital or analog readout. The dial bore gauge must be set to the nominal value of the bore, and it will measure the variation and direction of the bore from nominal. There are multiple ways to set this gauges to the nominal value. The most common method is using an outside micrometer that is set to the nominal value. This is the quickest and least expensive way to set the dial bore gauge. This method is not the most accurate because there can be high human error and variation in the micrometer is passed down into the dial bore gauge. The more accurate setting options include ring gauges (also called master rings) and designated bore gauge setting equipment that utilize gauge blocks or other standards. When using a micrometer to set a dial bore gauge, the accuracy of the measurement will be 0.002 inches or 0.0508 millimeters. A ring gauge can be used to obtain higher accuracy at a higher cost and higher time requirement. When a dial bore gauge is set using a ring gauge, overall accuracy can be within 0.0001 inches or 0.00254 millimeter.

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