ACT212 :This high cut, black S3 safety shoe features an aluminium toecap and a steel penetration resistant insert. This ACT212 shoe is ESD and resistant to heat and cold. The upper of this safety shoe is made of oiled pull up leather, which is water resistant. The sole is made of PU/PU material. This model features the improved Walkline® 3.0 technology and the supporting techniques of Easy Rolling®, Heel Lock System ® and the Tunnelsystem®. The textile lining has Bata Cool Comfort®. Odor Control keeps feet feeling fresh and hygienic.

  • High
  • Black
  • S3
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • ESD
  • Stitched Oiled Pull Up Leather
  • Polyester Mesh, black
  • Laces 100% rPET       
  • Sole     : PU/PU
  • 35-48
  • W: 35-48

Bata Cool Comfort® Lining, Microfiber Heel Grip/Counter Lining, Odor control, Premium Fit inlay sole


Cold Insulation, Fuel Oil Resistant Outsole, Heat Insulation, Impact Resistant, SRC, Shock Absorbing



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