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The ACT217 is a black S2 safety shoe in a high cut model. This safety shoe comes with an aluminium toecap and full grain leather. The sole of the ACT 217 is made of PU/PU material. The textile lining of the shoe features Bata Cool Comfort® technology. The ACT217 has Walkline Inside® technology to and the supporting techniques of Easy Rolling®, Heel Lock System ® and the Tunnelsystem® to support the foot in its natural position. Odor Control keeps feet feeling fresh and hygienic.

  • High
  • Black
  • S2
  • Aluminum
  • ESD
  • Full grain leather
  • Polyester Mesh, black
  • Laces 100% rPET
  • PU/PU
  • 35-48
  • W: 35-48

2 Density Shank, Bata Cool Comfort® Lining, Microfiber Heel Grip/Counter Lining, Odor control, Premium Fit inlay sole.

Characteristics: Cold Insulation, Fuel Oil Resistant Outsole, Heat Insulation, Impact Resistant, SRC, Shock Absorbing.

Industry: Automotive, Construction, Light Industry, Transport & Logistics.


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