Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc – GF27-115120

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Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc-GF27-115120

GW/ NW  – 13/12
Character    –  115MM *22 T27  120#
Quantity      –   200

Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc-GF27-115120 is a specific abrasive tool used for grinding, smoothing, and finishing surfaces.


High durability, consistent performance, easy to use with standard angle grinders.

  • Grinding: Effective for light grinding tasks and fine shaping of materials.
  • Blending: Ideal for blending weld seams and transitions on metal surfaces.
  • Finishing: Provides a smoother finish, making it suitable for preparing surfaces for painting or further finishing processes.
  • Polishing: Fine grit is ideal for polishing tasks to achieve a smooth surface.
  • Versatility: Can be used on various materials including metals, wood, and plastics.
  • Durability: Long-lasting abrasive properties due to the continual exposure of fresh grit.
  • Efficiency: Provides faster material removal and a smoother finish compared to traditional grinding wheels.
  • Ease of Use: Compatible with standard angle grinders, making it easy to handle and control.

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