Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc – GF29 -11580

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Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc-GF29-11580

GW/ NW     -15/14
Character    –  115MM *22 T29 80#
Quantity      –   200

  • Grinding: Efficient for removing welds, shaping metal, and eliminating excess material.
  • Blending: Ideal for smoothing out welded seams and transitions on metal surfaces.
  • Finishing: Provides a smoother finish compared to traditional grinding wheels, making it suitable for surface preparation prior to painting or coating.
  • General Maintenance: Useful in various maintenance tasks in workshops and industrial settings, including cleaning and preparing surfaces.


Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc-GF29

Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc-GF29-11580


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