Dial gauge

* Special purpose types : Miniature (or space saving), Larger dial face, Back plunger type, Back plunger type, Jeweled, Shockproof, Dustproof, Waterproof, Reverse reading, One revolution type, Low force type, Balance Dial type, Peak retaining, High precision, Coaxial Counter type, Double scale spacing, Double face type, ANSI Standard metric dial type, etc.
* Applied Dial Gauges : Dial thickness gauge, Dial snap gauge, Dial bore gauge (Standard & special type, namely, a) for extra small holes b) for Blind holes c) Short leg type d) With micrometer head type e) Upright, production line tool type), Dial Depth gauge, Upright dial gauge, Dial caliper Gauge (Internal & External), Dial Tension gauge, etc




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