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DISCS ROS 60GT 150mm

Packed with aluminum oxide grain for fast material removal and fine finishing,  Hoop & Loop Paper Discs feature a non-stick stearate coating that minimizes gumming and build-up. A hook and loop backing offers quick, easy paper changes, and a specially treated backing resists tearing.

  • Heat resistant resin adhesive bond, ideal for power sanding
  • Tough, durable paper backing ensures longer disc life and performance.
  • Stearate coating reduces clogging, excellent for softwoods & painted surfaces (grits)
  • 80 or greater.
  • Quick Fit nylon loop backing allows fast and easy disc changeover
Application Material
Multi Material
Number of Pieces

DISCS ROS 60GT 150mm

DISCS ROS 60GT 150mm


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