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Product Introduction

These 3M-TYPE Helmet Mounted Earmuffs are very important protective equipment, which can play a good role in the protection of the ears. Patented liquid and foam padded gaskets are extremely airtight.Simple height adjustment device, wide headphone cushion and padded headband make it extremely comfortable to wear even for a long time. Our 3M-TYPE Helmet Mounted Earmuffs are widely used in factories, airports and other places with strong noise. Please let us know if you are interested!


The unique two-cup design of the 3M-TYPE Helmet Mounted Earmuffs provides the thickest ear muff with the largest internal space and the most effective protection against low-frequency noise. With the adjustable belt, the product can easily fit all customers. And if you buy our products, we will give you the best after-sales service!


CODE: HM900201



With PU foam cushion and high density sponge.

Stainless steel arms.

Fitting for safety helmets.

CE EN352-3 approved.

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