Fiber Disc Ceramic 50G 4.5″x7/8″


 Fiber Disc Ceramic 50G 4.5X7/8


  • TOUGH, THICK AND WEAR resistant backing helps increase cutting performance and productivity with less disc changes
  • THE SPECIAL TOP COATING with an active filler for a cool cut reducing the temperature in the grinding area and maintaining the sharpness of the grain longer
  • CERAMIC grains are more aggressive, allow higher material removal and long life caused by sharp shaped grains
  • FIBER DISC CERAMIC  Stiff, durable fibre backing supports heavy stock removal and high-pressure weld leveling
  • Extra fast cut-rate suits heavy-duty edge work, deburring, blending, cleaning and finishing
  • Heavy backing and resin bond provide superior grain support for prolonged operationFiber Disc Ceramic 50G 4.5X7/8


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