NEW GRINDING Flexible Grinding wheels

Cutting-edge NEW Grinding Flexible Grinding Wheels, meticulously crafted for diverse grinding tasks. With dimensions of 100×2.5×16 and a blazing max working speed of 80m/s, these wheels excel in various applications, offering exceptional abrasive performance and stability, especially in pipe grinding. Tailored to perfection, the AC variant is specifically engineered for steel surface grinding, while the GC variant is ideal for stone and cast iron surface grinding. Additionally, our specially developed variant for stainless steel surface grinding ensures precise results every time. Elevate your grinding experience with these versatile, high-performance wheels

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Max. working speed
Various grinding applications, excellent abrasive
performance. high stabilty in grinding pipe
Specially developed for steel surface grinding
Specially developed for stone & cast iron surface grinding
Specially deveboped for stainless steel surface grinding

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