Working Aloft & Rescue Helmet -HA90011

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Weight: 400g

ABS outer shell.

Six point suspension.

Excellent electric inslation performance to pass by 20000 voltage test.

Pass-30℃ low temperature impact test.

EN397 and EN50365 approved.

HA90011 series safety helmets, Use high-resistance ABS material or HDPE material.

The product is suitable for head safety protection in various construction sites.

It is also suitable for outdoor protection such as mountaineering, climbing, cave exploration, cable climbing, and natural disaster rescue and safety protection.

Passed -30℃ polar temperature shock test.

Excellent high impact resistance and puncture performance.

Passed 20000V voltage test, with excellent electrical insulation performance.

According to different places, ventilated and closed structure optional.

According to working requirements, accessories such as reflector, coding frame, earmuffs and protective glasses are optional.

Suspension: 4-point or 6-point

Adjustable knop: Ratchet style or  Press style or  Pulling style

Lining: Textile or PU

Inner adjustment system ratchet with a new system of mask adapter.

Can be fitted with miner’s lamp.

Comfort and with good bear with impact, provide best head protection.

This helmet with six holes ,more comfortable and more effective to protect head.

This helmet offers impact protection while holding the impact absorbing suspension in place.

Light weight ,durable material

Application: Industry,Construction,Mining,Electrical Work,etc.

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