Zirconium Flap Disc – GZ27 -11560

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The GZ27-11560 Zirconium Flap Disc is a versatile abrasive tool designed for various metalworking applications.

Crafted with premium zirconium oxide abrasive grains, this flap disc ensures exceptional durability and performance. The unique flap design allows for smooth and consistent grinding, blending, and finishing on surfaces, edges, and contours.

With a diameter of 115mm and a grit size of 60, this flap disc is suitable for medium to heavy-duty tasks, offering efficient material removal while maintaining a fine finish.

The GZ27-11560 Zirconium Flap Disc is engineered for long-lasting use, providing consistent results even in demanding environments.

GW/ NW     – 15/14
Character    –  115MM *22  60#
Quantity      –  100

1 review for Zirconium Flap Disc – GZ27 -11560

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