Height Gauge

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This vernier height gauge is ergonomic and moves smoothly on surface plates.

Its main scale slides and clamps within the column for quick zero-setting, ensuring convenience and accuracy.

  • Range: up to 0-1000mm / 0-40″.
  • Resolution: up to ±0.03mm.
  • Scale adjustment: up to 25 mm (1″)
  • Large locking screws are used both for the slider and fine adjustment clamps to make clamping easy and secure.
  • Large main scale engraving for fatigue-free working.
  • Carbide-tipped scriber (900173 for 506-208, 07GZA000 for 514-103/5/7, 905200 for 514-109) is provided as a standard accessory. (Scriber clamp 07GZA004 for 506-208 05GZA033 for 514-103/5/7/9.)


Readout Vernier
Measurement mm, inch
Axis 1D
Range (mm) 0-1000
Range (inch) 0-40″
Accuracy ±0.07mm

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