Stainless Steel Ruler

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  • The set include 1 piece 12 inch (300 mm) ruler and 1 piece 6 inch (150mm) ruler
  • The Equilibrium scale is perfect for Architects, Architectural Technologists, Engineers, Draftspersons, Students, Arborists, Architectural Glass & Metal Technicians, Brick & Stone Masons, Cabinetmakers, Carpenters, Drywall Finishers, Electricians, HVAC Professionals, Landscapers, Metal Fabricators, Millworkers, Plumbers, Pool & Hot Tub Installers, Reinforcing Rodworkers, Roofers, Sprinkler & Fire Protection Installers & many more professions.
  • EASY TO READ – Clear black graduations stand out against the matte Stainless steel finish and feature custom architectural lettering.
  • This ruler is sturdy and handy for long lasting use.

1 review for Stainless Steel Ruler

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