Vernier Caliper

Our Vernier Caliper, the go-to tool for precision measurements in engineering, machining, and scientific applications. Crafted with durability in mind, it features a sturdy construction and easy-to-read scales, ensuring accurate readings of length, depth, and thickness.

Equipped with easy-to-read scales and a precise mechanism, our caliper facilitates accurate assessments of length, depth, and thickness with utmost confidence. Whether you’re working on intricate engineering projects, fine-tuning machining processes, or conducting precise scientific experiments, our Vernier Caliper provides the accuracy and reliability you need to achieve exceptional results.

With its versatility and accuracy, it serves as an essential instrument in workshops, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

  • VC 5” steel chrome plate
  • VC 5” SS rust proof in plastic box
  • VC IME type 6” steel chrome plated in plastic or velvet box


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